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Parent Resources


Students may not carry medications on campus. All medications are to be kept in the clinic. Students requiring prescription medications must have authorization forms on file in the clinic signed by the physician and the parent/guardian. These forms are available from the clinic or main office. ANY EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY MUST BE APPROVED BY THE PRINCIPAL. 

Title One Parent Information

Please clink the link below for information on Title 1

Change of Address

Parent/Guardians are to notify the office immediately of any change in address, telephone number or guardianship. To change an address, you must have proof of new residence (copy of lease or rental agreement, bill​ of sale or deed, utility bill or homeowner's insurance). 

2023-2024 Handbooks

Please click on the link below to access the 2023-2024 handbooks:

Progress Reports

Reports of student progress will be given to students to take home to parents during the middle of each nine-week grading period. Parents who do not receive this report should call the appropriate house office to arrange to pick up a copy of the report. You should review the report with your child and take appropriate action according to the report. Praise, encouragement or a conference might be in order.

Schedule Changes

Only a guidance counselor or an administrator may initiate a student schedule change.

Special Occasions

Flowers, balloons, etc., other than those available at school-sponsored events, may not be delivered to a student to acknowledge a special occasion. These items disrupt the educational process. If they are delivered to the school, they will be kept in the house office until the end of the day.

Work Detail

Work detail may be assigned for some infractions. This may consist of lunch duty, grounds duty or other housekeeping duty. Please refer to The Secondary School Student and Family Policy Guide and Code of Student Conduct and Discipline 2004-2005.