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Parent & Students

Food Brings Hope

​If you or someone you know could benefit from this non profit organization that has partnered with GMS that provides food to families in need, please contact ​​Mrs. Combs.​

504/PST Contacts

      PST- Patti Ostermann

      504 - Tyrza Benitez

​      504 - Susan Pereira

Change of Address

Parent/Guardians are to notify the office immediately of any change in address, telephone number or guardianship. To change an address, you must have proof of new residence (copy of lease or rental agreement, bill​ of sale or deed, utility bill or homeowner's insurance). 


Textbooks are LOANED to the students free of charge. Since most books have to be used again, it is required that books be handled with care. Damaged or lost books will be charged to student/parent.

Homework Hotline

If a student is absent he/she should call the homework hotline for homework. When a student has an extended excused absence (three or more days), a parent/guardian may request work. Please allow sufficient time for teachers to gather materials. Directions for the Homework hotlines are as follows: Dial 575-4144 for all grade levels. In order to reach 6th grade, press 6 then follow the prompts. To reach the 7th grade, press 7 then follow the prompts. To reach the 8th grade press 8 and follow the prompts.


End-of-course examinations are required for semester and yearlong courses. They will count as a major test grade.

Make-Up Work

For an excused absence, reasonable time will be allowed for the student to make up work required for credit. For a suspension or other unexcused absences, make-up work may be required for credit. It is the student's responsibility to request missing assignments from his/her teacher.

Lost and Found

The LOST AND FOUND is located in each house office as well as the main office. Students are urged to secure their books and personal items at all times to avoid the possibility of loss or theft.


Students will have the opportunity to attend assemblies. They are expected to be attentive and courteous. Students failing to follow the standards of good behavior during an assembly will be removed, and disciplinary action will be taken.

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